Path of Success: An Interview with 

Hamed Shadpour

The Top Graduate of the Class of 1997 at University of Guilan


Source: Tabalvor, Journal of Chemistry at University of Guilan, 2 (1998) 5-6.


Thanks for joining us. Please give us a brief of yourself and your education background.
           I was born in Rasht, a beautiful city in north of Iran. I finished my elementary and junior high school education in Rasht where I passed the second year of junior high school as a free candidate in summer with full GPA. Then, I started my senior high school education at Beheshti (also called, Shapoor or Azadegan) High School in Rasht. In my second grade of senior high school, I decided to pursue my studies in Physical and Natural Sciences, likely because of being interested in Chemistry, Biology and Medicine. I used to get highest scores in all subjects, particularly in science courses. At the end of the third year of senior high school, I received a letter from the Ministry of Education and was elected to participate at the first Chemistry Olympiad for the students across the country. I participated in the competition and was elected among the first ones in Iran. In 1993, I was admitted at Chemistry Department of the University of Guilan where I graduated in 1997 as the top graduate of the class. Same year, I was admitted at Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) to pursue my masters degree in Department of Chemical Engineering.

Have you been interested in this field at all?
           Yes. In fact, I was interested in Chemistry since I was at elementary school! I remember in my third grade of elementary education in science course, I was so absorbed to the subject "Materials around Us" that immediately the same afternoon, I started collecting some lab chemicals and scientific instruments in our house! Since that year on, the quality and quantity of my lab collection were increased. I used to find many rare chemicals and instruments for my lab by my uncle who was working in a clinical lab. At the beginning for safety concerns, all those chemicals were given to me in diluted form but because in many cases, those chemicals did not yield a desirable result, I used to concentrate them in house again! At junior high school, I had the opportunity to know a great science teacher (Mr. Mokhtari) who encouraged and supervised me in scientific projects. In the meantime, I had developed scientific networking among relatives and friends, and we used to inform each other of the results of our lab experience on a weekly basis. At that time, I missed one of my best lab partner when he came to United States to pursue his high school education. In high school, one of my Chemistry teachers (Mr. Ebrahimpour) played a great role in making me more interested in Chemistry. In last years of my high school study, I spent less time for lab practice and started studying for national university entrance exams. 

How did you find the facilities in University of Guilan?
           Well, this university maintains a desirable level in theoretical courses, at least in Chemistry. However, in terms of lab and experimental facilities, there have always been many limits and issues. For graduate studies, these issues become more effective. 

What do you like to say to other students?

I would ask new college students to study very hard considering the fact that every today's student is a tomorrow's in-charge person. If we are looking to have a well-developed country, we have to consider every moment. Please remember that the most difficult questions and issues have been answered by research and academic institutes around the globe. Another point is that we should try to work out our knowledge in practice. I believe that the 21-century is the century of high-tech technologies and applied sciences, and pure sciences will not be effective all alone. In today's world, it is good to have the theoretical knowledge but this won't be sufficient and always it is the experience and experiments that yield the desirable results. 

In conclusion, we want to thank you for your cooperation, if there is a point you want to add, please advice.
I hope you don't translate my words as being thankful of myself. It is too hard to talk about yourself and my only purpose of saying these words was to encourage other students and to mention that we can establish significant progress with our hard work. Success is a relative term and it is hard and time-consuming to get to it. In conclusion, I would like to acknowledge all my professors at this university as well as my school teachers and instructors and thank you for giving me this great opportunity.


Thank you so much for your time and the privilege of having an interview with you.

Interviewed by: Farshid Pourghasem, 1998 (This is an English traslation of the original interview in Farsi).



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